Dark heavy clouds hang over the world. The rain was just pouring out of them, the sharp blades of lightning glittered, heavy thunder rumbled from their collisions. But now, the thunderstorm was over, and a lumen was visible in the clouds – A powerful storm unleashes a species of otherworldly creatures...


Mihail Zablodski


Mihail Zablodski Mihail Zablodski Mihail Zablodski
Mihail Zablodski



Monoprints involve creating a single, one-of-a-kind print. This technique allows for a high level of artistic spontaneity and experimentation, making each print unique. The process typically involves applying ink or paint to a plate, such as metal, glass, or acrylic, and transferring the image onto paper through the use of pressure, often with the aid of a printing press. Artists can manipulate the ink or paint on the plate using various tools, such as brushes, rollers, or even their hands, allowing for a wide range of mark-making possibilities. This freedom and unpredictability result in a print that cannot be easily replicated, hence the term "monoprint."
Such technique offer Mihail Zablodski a wide range of creative possibilities and allow for expressive and individualized artworks.