The main character is reading a book which describes a fantastic horror story in the style of Lovecraft. He has no idea how the reading for him will end. 
Comics based on the method of recursion, that is, the reproduction of the object inside the object itself. This technique is also called "the story behind the story".

2016 Graphic novel “Beyond”, Immortal Publishing, USA
2016 Graphic novel “Beyond”, Black Lion Publishing House, Ukraine

Grotesque, parody and dark humor

The main plotline consists of the adventures of Muru, the talking cat, and Billy Google, his goofy owner, who live in the City-On-The-Hills. The comic mocks the drawbacks of the modern society, the degradation of art, the influence of propaganda on people’s lives and also ridicules many ideas and taboos through parody and dark humour.


Mihail Zablodski- comicbook Kyiv



2019 Comics “Muru. Part II”, Comic Factory Publishing House, Russia
2017 Comic Book “Muru”, Comic Factory Publishing House, Russia

Mihail Zablodski- comicbook Muru